HVAC Manufacturing and Technology understands that the world around us is changing. To sustain a thriving business, we appreciate that we must look ahead and continue to drive the innovation of HVAC products. HVAC Manufacturing and Technology will continue to swiftly develop tomorrow’s HVAC products and deliver the future of building controls technology.


is all about our customers - the team at HVAC Manufacturing and Technology operates with the belief that our customers are our CEO’s. We believe in empowering our staff to respond rapidly and with urgency to our customers, without the need to follow an extensive approval process. Each of our team members are trained, highly skilled, and understands their contribution to the reputation and profitability of our company.


serves as a framework and guides every aspect of our business. We encourage an entrepreneurial spirit and knowledge enhancement within the company which promotes creativity, job satisfaction, technology augmentation, and achievement by recognizing performance. We strive for continual information upgrades with our work force. Learning is a top priority in our organization, as lifelong learning is the only way to remain competitive in the Global Market. Our management philosophy is "we shall help you grow your career, if you help us grow the company."


People: Aspire to be an amazing place to work where every person is motivated to achieve.

Productivity: Be a lean, rapidly moving organization, and highly effective.

Portfolio: Deliver a portfolio of innovative, quality products to the world.

Partners: Cultivate a dynamic network of partners, and together create a collective, lasting impact on the HVAC industry.

Planet: Act responsibly by building and delivering products which encourage sustainability and energy conservation.

"In every industry the products of one manufacturer stand out as the standard due to the result of inherit built-in qualities of excellence which defy the competition… Thus it must always be with HVAC Manufacturing and Technology products."