The patented Koil Pak­® product line is an all-in-one hydronic piping apparatus that features fully customizable piping configurations, control valves, valve components, and a pressure gage.

These all-inclusive piping structures are sealed and pressure tested overnight before it is shipped to the job to guarantee a 100% leak-free and defect-free product.

Problems With Alternative Solutions

Current competing valve and piping systems are inefficient for both manufacturers and contractors:

  • Expensive water leaks due to component defects and installation errors
  • Project delays due to order and delivery delays and component defects
  • Mass production challenges due to offering numerous unconnected parts
  • Packaging and freight challenges due to shipping multiple components per order

The Koil Pak® provides an all-in-one solution that is simple and profitable to manufacture while ensuring a cost effective and easy to install solution for the contractor.

This product is the most economic solution on the market. It is engineered to:

  • Prevent product damage or leaks by being pressure tested for 24 hours before shipping
  • End project delays by shipping as one complete unit
  • Simplify mass production and freight by selling as single product
  • Decrease the total life cycle cost of the product

How To Use

1. Verify Pressure

Upon delivery, the contractor will verify that the Koil Pak® has retained pressure before installing.

2. Cut Stick

Quickly cut the Koil Pak® and use the necessary components for the project.

3. Install

Install the supply and return onto the coil via press or sweat connection.

The Koil Pak® takes about 15 minutes to install.

We offer quick ship options to ensure the Koil Pack® arrives at the job site on time.

Product Features: