We offer two uniquely designed air handling units.

1. The Air Cube

The Air Cube features a more compact unit, with coils 1/3rd or 1/4th the size of coils for traditional air handling units. This makes the unit less bulky and saves space, allowing you to utilize the additional space for other uses.

According to our data, hospitals can make up to $1,200 per square foot in the space they save with the Air Cube.

We’ve also incorporated silencers before and after the AFN to minimize airflow turbulence. This not only reduces sound and makes the unit quieter, but also improves efficiency from the national average of 50-60% to 70-80%.

2. The Blow Through Design

This unit features coils on all four sides of the air handler that can adjust temperature for each of those coils for the desired zone.

The system is made to operate multiple zones across a single level on any facility, so you can cool one side of the building while warming the other side.


We can customize the units’ coils to match your requirements.

We use ECM motors and can change the speed of their air based on the size of the coils. These motors make the system quieter and more efficient.

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